A Good-Designed Product, Z-6070!

This Autumn’s great news! ZEBEX is excited to be honored by international design award once again! That is to say Z-6070 omnidirectional scanner is granted by 2007 Good Design Award.Proceeding with iF Product Design Award 2007 and red dot award product design 2007, now ZEBEX is honored and proud to win 2007 Good Design Award.

Excitement cannot hide our continuous hard-working and sincere contributions on R&D. The belief of making things better in the scanning world is still held; not only to enhance scanning technology, but also apply aesthetics to brighten up users’ sensitivities.This year, there are 1,043 winners of Good Design Award 20007 generated amongst 2,945 items in the competition. In terms of territory, there are around 28 winning pieces coming from Taiwan, including those popular worldwide brands. There are many and detailed criteria that a winning product have to qualify with. Along with a product’s outlook design and user friendliness, its contribution to the industry and society is also taken into account. At the mean time, Z-6070 scanner is highly regarded as a user-friendly product by the Jury.

G-Mark is a symbol of high-qualified, great usability and well-balance image. The majority of consumers in Japan rely on G-Mark system. According to Nippon Survey Center, over 65% of Japanese consumers do highly recognize G-Mark, its high quality and standard.

Z-6070 is a dual-laser omnidirectional scanner, and suitable for various applications, such as POS, stock control and production line management. Its impressing and advanced multi-functionalities are designed to fit into a ruggedized, compact and space-saving model. Medium to small-scaled stores all can benefit from its outstanding design and performance. For further information about Z-6070 scanner, you may visit http://www.manicon.com/pos/scanner/zebex/z-6070.pdf.

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