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Environmental Specifications
Electrical Specifications
Optical Specifications
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Premium Performance & Durability - At An Affordable Price
The QuickScan 6000 is designed specifically for retail POS and features an unprecedented combination: the superior performance and rugged design of a high-end POS scanner and an affordable price.

High Performance Engine, Electronics, Optics
Key to the QS6000's performance is its reading engine, which utilizes proven technology to maintain a high overall first-pass read rate and to neutralize the negative effects of bright ambient light. Plus, PSC's advanced electronics perform solidly even when reading bar-coded labels with low contrast or poor edge definition. The QS6000's unique optical design is fast and responsive when reading from contact to 13" (33 cm).

Built to Last
Continuing PSC's commitment to quality, the QS6000 incorporates the most advanced, high durability features available today. The scan motor is made from hardened metal, a substantial improvement over the plastic scan motors of the past. The reading engine and optics are protected by anti-shock mounts built to absorb up to 2000 Gs. In fact, the QS6000 can withstand repeated 5 ft (152cm) drops to concrete.

Durability by Design
The QS6000 also features a strong, plastic enclosure that guards against liquid and dust infiltration. A tough, rubber-like shield cushions the scanner when dropped, protects the scan window from scratching and prevents the scanner from slipping off counter surfaces. The coiled cable, with strain relief and end cap, is made from rugged, tear-resistant polyurethane and retains its memory after repeated flexing and stretching.

Lightweight & Ergonomic For Maximum Scanning Comfort & Productivity
The QuickScan 6000 was developed with operator comfort in mind - a critical factor that ensures extended operator productivity. Its evenly balanced design lets it be held easily in any size hand, and its low weight enables it to be used comfortably for even long periods of time. The positive response trigger provides tactile feedback when pressed, yet allows the operator's index finger to relax comfortably between scans. When the scanner is resting on a horizontal surface, in a stand, or in a belt holster, its handle can be quickly and easily grasped for 'scoop and scan' simplicity.

Connectivity For Any Environment
Support for all popular POS interfaces and keyboard wedges is standard.

The QS6000 reads all major bar code symbologies, auto-discriminating between codes. Full support is also included for the UPC/EAN family, add-ons and other types of code extensions.

The QuickScan 6000: An Outstanding Value
With the QS6000, there's no need to make trade-offs between quality and affordability. High-end performance, advanced ergonomic design, enhanced durability - the combination of these features in the QS6000 adds up to one of the best values in the industry.

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Mechanical Specifications

4.23in L x 2.76in W x 6.50in H
(10.7cm L x 7.0cm W x 16.5cm H)
6.5 oz. (184 g)
20.0in ( 50.8cm) (collapsed)
96.0in (243.8cm) (extended)
4.4 oz. (125 g)
81.0in (205.7cm) (collapsed)
138.0in (350.5cm) (extended)
*Note: Other cable lengths are also available

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Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature:
32 to 122° F (0 to 50° C)
Storage Temperature:
-40 to 158° F (-40 to 70° C)
Relative Humidity:
5% to 95% (non-condensing)
Operates in all normal and retail and office environments
Water and Dust:
IEC529 rating IP53DW (resistant)
Multiple 5ft (152cm) drops onto concrete;
Over 100 drops to a countertop
*Note: drop tests performed at 73° F (23° C)

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Electrical Specifications

Voltage Range:
4.2 - 14.0 VDC (undecoded)
3.6 - 20.0 VDC (decoded)
Operating Current (nominal):
70 mA @ 5 VDC (undecoded)
120 mA @ 5 VDC (decoded)
Idling Current (nominal):
0.01 mA @ 5 VDC (undecoded)
6.90 mA @ 5 VDC (decoded, lowest power mode)
23.0 mA @ 5 VDC (decoded)

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Optical Specifications

Scan Rate (nominal):
42 scans per second
Scan System:
Electromagnetic dithering mirror
Light Source:
680 nm visible laser diode
Ambient Light:
Unaffected by direct exposure to store lighting conditions; tolerates exposure to full sunlight
Print Contrast Ratio (minimum):
Resolution (minimum):
5 mils (.127mm)

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Depth of Field

Narrow Width              Depth of Field*
------------      ------------------------------
   5.0 mil        0.5 -  3.0 in ( 1.3 -  7.6 cm)
   7.5 mil        0.5 -  4.5 in ( 1.3 - 11.4 cm)
  10.0 mil        0.0 -  8.0 in ( 0.0 - 20.3 cm)
  13.0 mil        0.0 - 10.5 in ( 0.0 - 26.7 cm)
  20.0 mil        0.0 - 13.0 in ( 0.0 - 33.0 cm)
*Nominal; IEC Class II version; resolution, contrast and ambient light dependent.

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Symbologies Decoded

EAN-8 / EAN-13
JAN-8 / JAN-13
2 and 5 digit add-ons
Industrial Codes:
Interleaved 2 of 5
Code 128 / EAN 128
Code 128 Coupons (linear)
Code 39
Code 93
MSI / Plessey

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IBM 4682 / 4692:
Port E
Wand Emulation
& IBM 4683 / 4684:
Ports 5B, 9B
Wand Emulation
& IBM 4693 / 4694:
Ports 5B, 9B
Wand Emulation
& Keyboard Wedge
& Wand Emulation

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Laser Safety:
CDRH Class I & II, IEC 825 Class 1 & 2
Complies with: FCC-A, EN 55022-B, AS/NZS 3548, BCIQ CNS13438/1997
Complies with: TÜV, MEEI, GOST, UL, cUL

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Specifications apply to the RS-232 interface unless otherwise stated
and are subject to change without notice.

PSC, the PSC logo and AutoSense are registered trademarks
and QuickScan is a trademark of PSC Inc.