Duet™ Dual Action Scanner

Mechanical Specifications
Environmental Specifications
Electrical Specifications
Optical Specifications
Depth of Field
Decoding Capability


One Scanner Does It All!
With the Duet™ scanner, retailers can now scan anything at the point-of-sale: small items, large bulky items, even items that aren't individually barcoded. Now retailers can enjoy speedier checkouts and increased accuracy of "scanned" data. Most items are simply presented to or swept by the scanner. Duet's unique Targeted Handheld capability eliminates the need to manually key items without barcodes, such as unpackaged or specialty products. Simply direct the scanner's pointer beam at a barcoded PLU list, target the correct item, press the trigger button, and the correct data is captured. By isolating a single barcode, Targeted Handheld capability avoids reading the wrong barcode in a cluster of items. The handheld feature also makes it convenient to read barcodes on large or bulky items.

And the Duet scanner's small size fits anywhere, and is a perfect solution for convenience stores, pharmacies - anywhere counter space is limited. Individual operators can even position the scanner to create the work environment which is most comfortable and convenient for them.

Best in Class Performance
Using an advanced visible laser diode scanning system, the Duet scanner offers a large 9 in. (22.9 cm) depth-of-field and wide scan area for higher performance hands-free scanning. With enhanced decoding capabilities, the scanner is fast with high first-pass read rates on a variety of barcodes, including labels that are long, highly truncated, partially obscured and difficult to read. It also includes the patented PSC Edge™ software, which automatically reconstructs torn or disfigured labels. And it reads labels with elements as small as 5 mils (0.127 mm).

This versatile scanner autodiscriminates UPC or EAN plus 5 industrial symbologies and supports P2, P5 and C128 add-ons.

Advanced Ergonomic Design - Easy to Use and Easy on the User
With two scan windows, the scanner can easily adapt to either fixed or handheld scanning applications: the omnidirectional pattern for general fixed retail scanning or the single scanline, when held in the hand, for reading large bulky items or barcoded PLU lists.

When used as a countertop scanner, it is quick and easy to use. Hands-free omnidirectional scanning minimizes the operator's need to adjust or orient individual items. When used as a handheld scanner, the operator simply picks up the scanner and aims it at a single barcode in a cluster of items or on a pick list.

The Duet scanner was designed to fit comfortably in the operator's hand with its weight evenly distributed for maximum balance and minimum fatigue. Tactile elastomeric ribs on the back assure a secure grip.

Built to Last - Built to Save
The specially designed case is built to survive multiple drops from a counter top to a concrete floor and resist chipping, stains, or fading on the surface. Maintenance is virtually non-existent - simply clean the scanner and the window periodically.

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  1. Small footprint for virtually any point-of-sale environment
  2. Hands-free scanning for small, easily handled items
  3. Handheld scanning for bulkier items and barcoded PLU lists
  4. Intuitive operation reduces checker training
  5. Aggressive performance speeds checkout for better customer service
  6. EAS compatible
  7. Modular, interchangeable interfaces
  8. Power off the terminal
  9. Extensive programming options
  10. Data editing
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Mechanical Specifications

7.0in H x 3.3in W x 2.6in L
(17.8cm H x 8.4cm W x 6.6cm L)
scanner & stand
8.0in H x 3.3in W x 3.0in L
(20.3cm H x 8.4cm W x 7.6cm L)
9.0 oz. (255 g)
10.5 oz. (298 g)
Cable Length:
8 ft. (2.4 m) (extended)
12 ft. (3.7 m) (extended)

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Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature:
32 to 104° F (0 to 40° C)
Storage Temperature:
-40 to 158° F (-40 to 70° C)
Relative Humidity:
5% to 95% (non-condensing)
Operates in all normal retail and office environments
Water and Dust:
IEC 529 rating IP53 (resistant)
Withstands five 3.3ft (1m) drops to concrete
*at 73° F (23° C)

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Electrical Specifications

Operating Voltage:
4.7 to 14.0 VDC
Power Consumption:
3 watts (maximum)

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Optical Specifications

Light Source:
650 nm visible laser diode
Ambient Light Tolerance (maximum):
200 foot-candles (2,100 lux)
Motor speed:
4,500 rpm
Scan System:
Rotating polygon
Scan Rate:
1,500 lines per second
Scan Angles:
Scan Volume:
100 in³ (1639 cm³)
Scan Pattern:
omnidirectional mode
19 lines out from the front of the scanner
single line mode
1 line out from the back of the scanner
Speed to Read:
<500 ms (from motor off)
Resolution (minimum):
5 mils (0.13 mm)
Print Contrast Signal (minimum):
Label Orientation:
Front Window
pitch & skew
0 to 360°
Back Window
pitch & skew

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Depth of Field

Bar Code Width             Depth of Field
--------------      ----------------------------
    5.0 mil          1 - 2.5 in (2.54 -  6.4 cm)
    7.5 mil          0 - 6.0 in (0.00 - 15.2 cm)
   10.0 mil          0 - 7.0 in (0.00 - 17.8 cm)
   13.0 mil          0 - 9.0 in (0.00 - 22.9 cm)

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Decoding Capability

UPC-A* and UPC-E
EAN-8 and EAN-13*
JAN-8 and JAN-13*
*Edge™ stitching
UPC P2 and UPC P5
Code 128
Industrial Codes:
Interleaved 2 of 5
Code 128
Code 39 (variable length)
Code 39 (fixed length label stitching)
MSI / Plessey
Two label read
Full label editing
Autodiscriminate UPC Edge with Add-ons & 5 industrials

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8 bit, 9 bit, S-P, SNI, NCR
ports: 5b, 9b, E, 17
standard, SNI, Ack/Nak, host echo
Keyboard wedge
Wand emulation

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Laser Safety:
IEC 825 Class 1
CDRH Class IIa (CAUTION: Laser radiation when open - do not stare into the beam)
FCC-A, 47 CFR Part 15J
EN 55022-B
AS/NZ 3548
VCCI Class 2
BCIQ CNS13438/1997

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Specifications are subject to change without notice.

PSC and the PSC logo are registered trademarks and Duet and Edge are trademarks of PSC Inc.